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The effect of Water Additive Commercial(KimchiStoc) on Natural Avian Influenza Virus Infection of Broiler Chickens: Pathological and Immunopathological Approach 

Abstract: Avian Influenza virus(AIV) infection in chickens causes huge economic losses so that a solutin is needed to overcome outbreak, namely through vaccination. However, administration of AIV vaccines can possibly initiate AIV subclinical infections in chickens. Therefore, another alternative approach is needed to prevent AIV infection, one of them is water additive commercial(KimchiStoc). The purpose of the present study was to study effect of KimchiStoc against natural AIV infection in broiler chickens on a commercial farm. In the present study, 55 DOC broiler chickens were used as experimental animals for 35 days. Before supplementation(Week-0), five DOCs were randomly selected, necropsied and the lungs were collected. Fifty remaining DOCs were divided randomly into 2 groups of 25 each. The first group was chickens without supplementation of KimchiStoc(G1), while the second group was chickens supplemented with KimchiStoc 0.2% with a dose of 5 days/week(G2). Observations were carried out for 5 weeks. Each week five chickens in each group were randomly necropsied. Lungs were collected and detected for AIV by using immnunopathological immunohistochemical streptavidin biotin(IHC SB). The results showed that the spread of AIV in broiler chickens occurred in DOC until the fifth week. IHC SB test can be applied to detect AIV-infected broilers subclinically. The KimchiStoc can prevent the natural infection of AIV in at least the third week after KimchiStoc administration.

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