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Vita Energy FA Economical Analysis

VitaEnergy_Economical Analysis (날짜-기간, 농장규모 등 details추가) Gaining better milk price by improving milk quality – Nutritional factors (fat, protein, contents) ↑ – Hygiene factors (somatic cell, bacterial counts) ↓  

Comparison with Vita Energy and By-Pass Fat

Comparison with Vita Energy and By-Pass Fat Comparison idea with Vita Energy and by pass fat Vita Energy is not directly competing with by-pass fat since it has multifunctional property shown as below, but if it needs to consider optimal combination or replacing by-pass fat with Vita Energy FA, you can evaluate some factors.  

Powerful Digestive Enzyme

ANIZYME (brochure) (Click on the ‘brochure’ above) Anizyme is a powerful-effect digestant formulated with a high concentration of Pancreatin, known as one of the most powerful digestive enzymes. As it innovatively boost the digestibility in livestock, it increases the bioavailability of energy and nutrients, the level of immunity, and the amount of feed intake, which results in restoring their productivity from various wasting diseases as a productivity restorative agent.  

Oral Medication for Ketosis & Fatty Liver

Vita Energy (brochure) (Click on the ‘brochure’ above) Vita Energy is a highly-effective liquid metabolism booster containing high energy in absorptive form which can be administered orally. It is formulated by a contamination of niacin (anti-ketosis substance) and propylene glycol with a high concentration of sorbitol and choline, which are known to improve liver function, quality of second grade milk, and metabolism. It also has a preventative treatment effect of ketosis and helps with post-partum recovery.  

Natural Disinfectant for Teats & Udder

LactoClean spray (brochure) (Click on the ‘brochure’ above) LactoClean Spray is an effective disinfectant for teats & udder containing high concentrated Kimchi lactic acid bacteria culture. LactoClean Spray has no risk of cross contamination and increases user convenience by adopting spray method

Broad Spectrum Anti-Diarrhea Agent

D-Aid pump (brochure) (Click on the ‘brochure’ above) D-Aid is a composite supplement produced through advanced techniques for the prevention of diarrhea. It normalizes the abnormal intestinal function with anti-diarrheal substances through the use of biotechnology and represents a powerful antimicrobial and antiviral effect on germs and viruses which are the main cause of gastroenteritis and diarrhea