Pulse Needle-Free injector

Pulse Needle-Free Systems Featuring state of the art technology that is proven safe and effective for delivery of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, the Pulse System helps livestock producers use needle-free delivery to eliminate the problems associated with needle injection processes

The Advantages of Needle-Free Injector

Biosecurity Eliminating disease transferring by Needles Strong Efficacy High Vaccine effect with Transdermal Food Safety No worry on broken Needles Productivity Less tissue damage Speed Work speed improvement Worker Safety Less danger for Worker Environmentally Friendly Eliminating Medical waste Less Stress Less pain, Less stress

The Special Advantages of Pulse

Enable Pressure ControlInjection in every age & weight swine with pressure control Pressure Delivery with patentReducing tissue damage compare with other Injectors Dose AccuracyAccurate dose compare with conventional syringes

Pulse 250 ( P250 )

The Needle-Free Injector for various-Dose injection

0.5ml ~ 2.5ml Dose Injection

Injecting every Drug(Suspension, Oil-based, Water-based)
in every age & weight swine

Pulse 50 ( P50 )

The Needle-Free Injector for accurate low-Dose injection

0.1ml ~ 0.5ml Dose Injection

Eliminate unnecessary dilution process